Lizzie asks…

Repair a whole in my drywall in the ceiling?

The guy that did my wall cut a whole in my drywall for a pipe fitting and left a 2foot long opening that looks real bed how can I fix it? I havent put extra drywall in the whole because there is no were to staple it.
sorry forgot to tell you that is is about 4 inches wide

admin answers:

Go to your local home improvement store and ask them. I believe the hole is small enough you can use a special screen. It’s been a while since I did this repair, but the screen adheres to the inside of the hole, then you use joint compound to fill in the hole. Be sure to layer it and let each layer dry completely.

James asks…

Whats the best way to repair drywall cracks in tape seams that are opening up in the ceiling?

Is there a good glue I might use?

admin answers:

I would use painters caulk, not glue. Caulk is far more flexible after it cures.

Ruth asks…

How do I repair a 4 ft by 3ft hole in my ceiling of drywall?

we got it cut out, but I would like a website that would explain it, or do you know? Maybe even a video?

admin answers:

Youll have to replace to drywall

Carol asks…

The Drywall tape on my ceiling is starting to seperate. What measures must i take to repair this?

In the hallway were the tape joins the wall to the ceiling. The tape is starting to come undone. Do I need to rip piece of tape the whole way down the wall or can i repair only the exposed parts? What do i need to do to fix this? I need to know from start to finish.

admin answers:

You can repair the exposed stuff.. I take a razor knife and cut from good past the bad to the new good.. Slap some mud up there.. Fold the tape and stick it in. Take my knife and wipe the tape into the mud. Pretty tight cuz you have to add more mud anyway.. Put a light coat on the tape and let it dry.. Hit it again until it suits you

Jenny asks…

How do I repair an uneven ceiling?

After removing popcorn, ceiling/drywall is uneven in many places. How can I repair without ripping out ceiling entirely?

admin answers:

* I Work in Drywall and Tape my self *

Best thing after removing the popcorn Texture would have been to have ” Float the Cealing ” : when a small ammount of mud is place on the ceiling 1/2 inch thick all over the ceiling to even it out
then u place your new Texture if that step was skip then u might have to do it

I am a proffesional doing it for a living if u dont float the ceiling after removing the Popcorn texture then it wont be even

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