Drywall Repair Coquitlam?

Drywall Repair Coquitlam

Okay, why a blog called Drywall Repair Coquitlam?

Well, have you ever had one of those experiences in life that left you so angry, so upset that you promised yourself that when it was over you were going to make sure everyone in the world knew about it and that the person who hurt you would pay dearly for their actions?

Most of us have. Now, to many of us, it is no secret how unscrupulous home improvement contractors can be… But we never think it will be one of us that gets taken, right?!

You are looking to have a drywall repair coquitlam project done around the house, so you hire a guy out of the phone book to do it and what happens, he takes the deposit and never shows up, or if he does, the job is done in a less than professional manner, often left unfinished and with him harassing you for final payment and the threat of a lawsuit.

Been there? Probably someone you know has too!

Unfortunately, most of us do not have the energy to actually try and make a difference in this world after having gone through an experience like that, but I pledged to at least try and so I have.

I present to you, Drywall Repair Coquitlam and if I can spare just one person, the trouble my wife and I went through, while simply trying to get some drywall repair done, well then, I’ve done a good thing.

Drywall Repair Coquitlam – DIY or hiring a Pro

If you are thinking about doing some drywall repair in your house yourself, or hiring an experienced drywall repair Coquitlam based contractor to do it for you, I sure hope you will take a few moments to read through this page to help prepare yourself for the process.

This few moments of your time could save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and probably a ton of grief aswell.

Why do we need drywall repair done in our homes? Well, it could be through the result of drywall water damage or accidentally breaking a hole in the wall or enclosing or modifying wiring for appliances, etc. Doing drywall or sheetrock repair , is not something we average folk do very often, true? However, it is one major home improvement task some of us feel we can take on ourselves. How hard can it be, right?

I thought the same thing. After wasting a lot of money and a few weekends trying to repair some drywall at our house, my wife finally convinced me to give in and call a professional drywall repair Coquitlam contractor to finish and fix what I had started.

Pretty humiliating, and embarrassing… and of course, avoidable had I taken the time to educate myself on a few very important drywall repair techniques. Not to mention committing the cardinal sin most novice weekend warriors make… skimping on the necessary stages and settling for the cheapest materials and tools!

Also, I convinced myself, at the painting stage, primer was just the paint manufacturers way of wringing more money out of you and was an unnecessary step in the painting process… wrong again!

Well, I swallowed my pride and admitted to my wife I was in over my head and moved on to the daunting task of finding a reputable, professional drywall repair Coquitlam based contractor. After watching shows like Holmes on Homes, I was clueless as who to choose. Of course I did not do my homework thoroughly and my bad drywall repair project turned into an absolute nightmare!

This website is my attempt to right a few wrongs.

Drywall Repair Coquitlam- Finding the right contractor

Now, you may have noticed that the name of my site, Drywall Repair Coquitlam is a bit awkward, but I chose those words specifically because they were exactly what I typed into Google when I started my search for a local drywall repair contractor in Coquitlam.

You may have done the same as me and hopefully,  this website showed up, and can now give you a few pointers on how to locate a great contractor, or, if you want to do the project yourself, give you some tips on how to go about it.

From basic holes to larger areas, from the tools necessary to do the job properly, to the type of materials to use, I will try and share with you what I have learned over the last few months.

I will also recommend a very good Coquitlam based drywall repair contractor whom I feel is not only professional, timely and honest, but affordable as well.

And, as much as I want to do so, I cannot bring myself to mentioning the name of the outfit that put me through home improvement hell, who by the way, the Better Business Bureau vouched for.

I’ll provide links to helpful sites like where to buy drywall tools such as and paint suppliers and manufacturers, aswell as looking at the pros and cons of doing the project yourself, versus hiring a professional drywall repair contractor.

If you are a DIY kind of guy or girl, we will look at the materials you will need, damaged area preparation, safety aspects, material code compliance,  the proper drywall repair procedure to use (I goofed up big time on this one!), the proper drywall repair tools, including sponge brushes, knives and rollers, mesh tape  and so much more!

So, if you do not know your mesh tape from your masking tape, or your joint compound from your elbows, then please spend a few minutes going through the site.

Drywall Repair Coquitlam is intended to be an ever expanding source for the little guy, put together by a little guy just trying to right a few wrongs and make our city a better place! Not to mention one that has beautifully repaired drywalls with no unsightly patches or poor workmanship messing up our homes!!

Thankyou for visiting our site, Drywall Repair Coquitlam.